2. Taylor Swift out & about in April 16, 2014

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    Actual angel Taylor Swift.

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  5. Taylor winning the 40PP award for best international artist

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  6. covers by taylor swift

    white blank page | i want you back | ain’t nothing about you | just a dream | dancing in the dark/livin’ on a prayer | viva la vida | bette davis eyes | lose yourself/smile | baby don’t you break my heart slow | drops of jupiter | irreplaceable | sugar we’re going down | hopelessly devoted to you | who knew/unpretty | take a bow | pour some sugar on me | there’s your trouble


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    "You sit in class next to a redhead named Abigail."

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    Sweeran moments at the RED Tour 2013 - 14/14

    Last night of the RED Tour (with Ed Sheeran as opening act) - Nashville, Tennessee (September 21th)

    Featuring Ed’s big surprise in the song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" as a clown.

    That was the best Sweeran moment of the RED tour! They were smiling at each other all night. Was fun, spontaneous, surprising and so cute!!

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  12. capture it, remember it.

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  14. I have a lot of anxiety about things on certain days, but I have anxiety because I care. It’s not anxiety that’s crippling. It’s a five-minute conversation with myself about if a [sales] number really defines this piece of art that I’ve created and what that means, and what the number’s going to be. I try to predict what it’s going to be, and then I realize that I can’t predict what it’s going to be, and then I sit there and say something to myself like, ‘Well, you’re happy today. Enjoy this and be proud of the music that you’ve made.’

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